March 18, 2021

Episode 20: Body Image

NOTE: This episode mentions disordered eating and unhealthy exercise/diet habits.

With summer starting to get closer, we’re already seeing social media posts about getting ‘beach body ready’ and adverts for diets. So hosts, Olivia and Beki, thought now would be an important time to discuss body image.

In the Body Image episode, you can expect a discussion about what body image is before the hosts delve into some of the things that can impact our body image - from society to social media to personal experiences. 

Beki and Olivia, discuss what they find difficult with body image and what they’ve found to help create a healthier view. You’ll hear the hosts talk about how much emphasis we put on our body image over our overall view of ourselves, whether we want to put our energy towards high societal body standards vs towards what we value, and how we can truly appreciate the body we are in.

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