In Episode 37, Beki & Olivia speak openly and honestly about how their physical health impacts their mental health. The two share the difficulty of supporting their mental health when they're experiencing long-term physical health issues, as well as sharing how they may need to work on accepting their experience, looking at their goals, and giving themselves time to grieve. 

You'll hear conversations about resentment, resilience, fear & experiences of medical discrimination. 

In the final episode of the Relationships Mini-Series, Beki and Olivia discuss a fitting topic - Ending Relationships. 

In this episode, the hosts discuss how a relationship coming to an end is never easy and can have an impact on our mental health and well-being. From things to consider when choosing to end a relationship, to how we can support ourselves through a relationship ending, this is an episode you don't want to miss!

Content Warning: This episode discusses relationships that are not supportive of our mental health, including abusive and toxic relationships. 


In part four of the Relationships Mini-Series, Beki and Olivia discuss what can make a relationship supportive, or what might make a relationship not-so-supportive. You'll hear the hosts discuss their personal experiences of what they have found helpful but also what has impacted their mental health in a relationship. 

Discussing important topics such as gaslighting, love-bombing, relationship growth, ghosting, and much more, this episode is packed full of learning and reflection. 

In part 3 of the Relationship Mini-Series, Beki and Olivia discuss Boundaries and how they play an important role in all relationships. The hosts chat about understanding what’s ok and not ok for us, how they are based on our values, to recognizing everyone has their own boundaries.

You’ll also hear about knowing a boundary from an ultimatum, thinking about what we do when others don’t respect our boundaries, or what we even do when our boundaries don’t align with those close to us.

In part 2 of the Relationships Mini-Series, Beki and Olivia delve into two incredibly hard yet important topics - vulnerability and trust. 

You’ll hear the co-hosts discuss what vulnerability and trust really means, and how we can’t have one without the other. From saying “I love you” first, to asking for help, to saying what we’re proud of, Beki and Olivia discuss the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure involved. This episode also includes why it can be so hard to rebuild trust when it’s been broken by someone and why being vulnerable is not a weakness, it’s an act of bravery.

We'd like to dedicate this episode, and the upcoming Relationships mini-series, to our wonderful colleague, Scott. 


Relationships can have a huge impact on our lives and can be incredibly important to our well-being. The topic of relationships is huge. So, Beki and Olivia are breaking it down into multiple episodes, with the focus of part 1 being all about communication.

In episode 32,  the hosts talk about their own platonic and non-platonic relationships, all while discussing how communication has been important in crafting a positive relationship. You'll hear discussions of how to talk about our needs, power dynamics, dialogue vs debate, and our expectations.

September 2, 2021

Episode 31: Languishing

Over the past year and a half, languishing is something that is being spoken more and more about. Why? Because many of us are experiencing that “blah” feeling.

In episode 31, Beki and Olivia discuss how they’ve been experiencing languishing recently. You’ll hear the hosts discuss in depth what languishing is, what it may feel like, why so many of us are experiencing it, and how it differs from depression and anxiety. 

The episode also covers some things we can do to support ourselves with languishing from grounding ourselves, giving ourselves permission to enjoy things, changing our environment, and more.

In this episode, hosts Beki and Olivia chat about the impact of the wildfire season on our mental health and how we can support ourselves and others in the short and long term with this. You'll also hear the hosts answering questions submitted live by the online audience!
This episode was recorded and streamed live at Staples Studio in Kelowna, so the sound quality may differ from usual. 

What Really Works? has been going for just over a year, so Beki and Olivia thought this would be a great time for you to get to know your podcast hosts better!

In episode 29 hosts, Beki and Olivia, answer questions submitted by listeners - some questions related to mental health, or questions not so much! Check out the episode for some lighthearted conversation, laughs, and knowledge building.

Many of us have experienced peer pressure and the uncomfortable feelings that come alongside it. But why do so many of us experience it and how can it impact us?

In episode 28 of What Really Works? hosts, Beki and Olivia, discuss Peer Pressure and how it impacts them both. They chat about forms of direct and indirect peer pressure. As well as the consequences of peer pressure and judgement on ourselves, as well as those around us.

You’ll hear about how boundaries, asking questions and understanding our values and self-worth can support us when we experience pressure from friends, family, and society.

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