Note: This episode discusses the use of substances.

Going back to school can be a stressful time, and with the pandemic, some of us might be finding this transition harder to manage. 

In this episode, Beki and Olivia are joined by Cassy to chat about expectations students could be facing on their return to school and how that impacts them. The group takes time to discuss some healthy coping strategies we might use to manage expectations and uncertainty, along with unhealthy ones that may also arise. 

Ways to seek out support are also discussed, as we don't need to manage everything on our own. For the resource list mentioned in the episode, click here

Want to know more about guest Cassy? Cassy Lukey works for ARC Programs within the Changes Program as the Targeted Prevention/Early Intervention Counsellor for the middle schools in Kelowna. She works with youth dealing with low-moderate substance use and youth negatively impacted by substance use either by friends or family. If you want to get in touch with her, you can email her at 

September 2, 2020

Episode 7: People Pleasing

People pleasing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Mental Health topics, but as you listen to this episode you’ll discover how people pleasing can have a large impact on your well-being.

In Episode 7, hosts Beki and Olivia are joined by guest Sonyia, who shares her experience with people pleasing. The group discusses why we try to people please and explores how constantly trying to make others happy can negatively affect us. 

Ways we can support ourselves are also shared. Tips like how to recognize our own needs, learning to say no, and moving from criticizing ourselves to affirming ourselves will all be discussed.

What Really Works? would like to thank Staples Studio for kindly donating the use of their podcast recording booth for this episode.

In this episode, Beki and Olivia are joined by Keneisha to discuss the positive and negative impact that social media has had and continues to have on Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Keneisha discusses the importance of the social justice movement as well as sharing their experience of how social media impacts their Mental Health and how to recognize burnout. The group also shares some great tips on self-care for sustainable activism and what true allyship is.

Want to know more about Keneisha? Keneisha Charles (she/they) is a Black lesbian activist and poet currently studying Social Work at Ryerson University. Talk to them about Black liberation and environmental justice on Instagram @Keneisha.Charles.

Keneisha has also compiled a list of some of their favourite Instagram accounts about Black Mental Health, click here to view.

Starting conversations about Mental Health can feel scary, especially when there is stigma involved. So how do we begin to talk about Mental Health?

In today’s episode, Beki and Olivia take time to address the stigma that surrounds Mental Health and how this makes it a difficult topic to talk about with some people. The two hosts share their personal experiences of conversations about Mental Health, taking time to talk about the conversations that went well and others that went not-so-well. The episode also shares tips on how to start conversations about how we’re feeling or if we notice a friend’s behaviour seems to be changing. 

What Really Works? would like to thank Staples Studio for kindly donating the use of their podcast recording booth for this episode.

As young people, we often feel pressure to get things right and be perfect. But how does that affect our mental health?

In this episode of ‘What Really Works?” hosts Beki and Olivia are joined by guest Steph, to chat about where those pressures come from, and how actually making a mistake is good for us. Plus, we talk about how saying “just be positive” isn’t always helpful!

Our sound quality wasn't perfect this time around, but we're taking our own advice and accepting a few imperfections. We hope you will still enjoy the episode!

In this short episode, Beki and Olivia reflect on the events taking place as a result of the death of George Floyd and others. They talk about recognizing their own privilege and taking time to listen and learn to better educate themselves in social justice and the fight against racism. They share some resources they have found and set the stage for a larger discussion in the coming weeks. 

We hear #self-care all over social media at the moment, but what even is self-care, and how do I know if I'm doing it?

In our second episode of "What Really Works?" we go in-depth on the do's and maybe the don'ts of self-care, bust some common myths and chat about some simple yet effective self-care tools that we can practice.

This episode is generously supported by The Blenk Family Fund, together with the KGH Foundation.

Stress and anxiety can affect any of us, so what can we do to support our mental health and say "this is okay and I'm going to be okay"?

In Episode 1 of "What Really Works?" Beki and Olivia dive right in and talk about stress and anxiety. We open up about what stress and anxiety are while sharing experiences and providing tips that help to support our mental health when we find ourselves 'in it'. This episode is supported by The Blenk Family Fund, together with the KGH Foundation.

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