At the start of this episode, hosts Beki and Olivia, take a moment to pause, reflect and discuss the need for tangible acts of reconciliation, even more so after the discovery of the 215 Indigenous children buried at the Kamloops residential school. 

Following taking some silence, the hosts discuss guilt and shame, how these emotions can be tough to experience and move forward from. You’ll hear Beki and Olivia discuss where guilt and shame arise from, what can perpetuate these uncomfortable emotions and why we need to be able to move through them to make positive change as well as to be able to hold ourselves accountable. 

The hosts also chat about different ways we can support ourselves with guilt and shame, from self-compassion, to clarifying our values, to understanding our judgemental - all of which will hopefully aid us to get comfortable with trying to do the best that we can and grow from mistakes. 

You can find additional resources here

May 27, 2021

Episode 25: Music

Many of us have experienced a song that gets us pumped, or maybe felt sad from a piece of music, or even really connected with a song - in fact, music can have a huge impact on our physical, emotional, and mental health!

In this episode, hosts Beki and Olivia, focus on music and how it can be a great tool to support our wellbeing! You’ll hear how music can increase our levels of dopamine, support us to recognise and process our emotions, and create connections with others. 

The hosts share how they find music impacts themselves, how they’ve used it as a supportive tool as well as how music can be much more than just melody and rhythm - but also has created safe spaces and be a form of reclamation of power.

In Episode 24, hosts Beki and Olivia are joined by guest, Salena, to talk about her experiences as a second-generation Asian Person living in Canada. Salena chats openly and honestly about living with the duality of western culture and her traditional culture, her experience of mental health and stigma,  what it took for her to reach out for support, and the pressure she experienced as a young person. Salena also discusses the impact of microaggressions, racism, and anti-Asian hate crime on herself, her family, and the Asian community. 

In this episode, you’ll also hear what Salena has found to be supportive for herself, from counselling, having allies, to mindfulness techniques to naps! 

For more resources and support, you can click here.

Want to know more about Salena? Salena (she/her) is currently pursuing a Teaching Degree at the Okanagan School of Education in Kelowna, BC. Having previously obtained her BA in Political Science and Sociology, she has a passion for Canadian Politics and Social Justice. She hopes to inspire her students to think critically and to empathize with others. When Salena isn’t studying or working, she can be found swimming, exploring new places to eat, and playing board games with her friends.

To celebrate and kick-off Mental Health Week 2021, What Really Works? hosted our first-ever live recording! This special podcast episode is the audio stream of this event.

In this special episode, you’ll hear Beki and Olivia chat about this year’s Mental Health Week topic - Naming it, Not Numbing it. The hosts discuss what emotions are, why naming our emotions is so important, and how we can support ourselves to name our emotions. You’ll also hear hosts answering questions submitted live from Facebook.

To make sure you don’t miss out on future live recordings, be sure to follow CMHA Kelowna on social media. You can also watch the video footage of this special episode here 


Note: This episode is taken directly from our recorded live event at Staples Studio Spotlight therefore, the sound quality may be a bit different than our other episodes.

April 29, 2021

Episode 23: Grief

IMPORTANT NOTE: This episode discusses grief and what may lead to this emotion. The hosts share personal experiences of why they have experienced grief, including speaking about the death of a loved one, suicide, and overdose. What Really Works? encourages all listeners to take care of themselves when listening to this episode and reach out for support if you need it.

A link for additional resources and supports related to grief are included below.


Grief is a complex and tough emotion. In episode 23 of What Really Works? hosts Olivia and Beki discuss different forms of grief and how there are many reasons why a person experiences grief. You’ll hear the hosts discuss their personal stories of grief and how it has and continues to impact them. 

In the second half of the episode, the pair discusses what we can do to support another person who is experiencing grief, while acknowledging that grief is incredibly individual. Olivia and Beki also chat about ways we can support ourselves in the short term and long term with grief, such as small routines, finding meaning, celebration, and allowing ourselves to grieve. 

For additional resources and supports related to grief, click here.

Anxiety related to climate change and ecological events is something that lots of people experience but isn’t always spoken about. In episode 22, Beki and Olivia discuss climate anxiety, what it is, and why we might experience it.

In the second half of the episode, the hosts discuss how we can support ourselves when we’re being impacted by climate anxiety. You’ll hear about climate education, a sense of control, sustainable activism, and the importance of dialogue over debate. 

April 1, 2021

Episode 21: Rejection

Experiencing rejection can be tough and hit us hard, but why does rejection feel like that and why does it affect each of us so differently?

In episode 21, hosts Beki and Olivia are joined by guest Malusi to talk about the many faces of rejection. You’ll hear conversations about the impact of rejection on our self-worth, values, and the issues we may face from fear of rejection and regret.

The group chats also openly about how they’ve learned or tried to cope with rejection. They share what's worked for them including tips like celebrating putting ourselves out there, having a support system, and asking ourselves why does this hurt? 

Want to know more about Malusi? Malusi is an African-Canadian who moved to Canada at the age of two. Having lived and travelled all over the country as a speaker, musician, and friendly face he's always happy to share his story in hopes of inspiring people around him. Follow his journey or get in touch on Instagram at: @malusigoosie.

March 18, 2021

Episode 20: Body Image

NOTE: This episode mentions disordered eating and unhealthy exercise/diet habits.

With summer starting to get closer, we’re already seeing social media posts about getting ‘beach body ready’ and adverts for diets. So hosts, Olivia and Beki, thought now would be an important time to discuss body image.

In the Body Image episode, you can expect a discussion about what body image is before the hosts delve into some of the things that can impact our body image - from society to social media to personal experiences. 

Beki and Olivia, discuss what they find difficult with body image and what they’ve found to help create a healthier view. You’ll hear the hosts talk about how much emphasis we put on our body image over our overall view of ourselves, whether we want to put our energy towards high societal body standards vs towards what we value, and how we can truly appreciate the body we are in.

In this follow-up episode, Beki and Olivia are joined by guest, Jessica, who talks about her own perspectives and experiences of failure, and how this has impacted her. 

Listen to Overcoming Failure - Part 2 to delve further into the topic of failure and hear discussions about failure culture vs blame culture, why we might laugh at others when we see them ‘fail’, and how to start talking about failure with others, all while reclaiming the word ‘failure’.


Want to know more about Jessica? Jessica Samuels has two decades of experience in storytelling and engaging a broad range of audiences to the stories and causes that impact us all. As the Associate Director, Community Engagement at CMHA Kelowna, Jessica is responsible for sharing information about all of CMHA Kelowna’s programs, services and resources in order to increase awareness and foster greater understanding around mental health.


What Really Works? would like to thank Staples Studio for kindly donating the use of their podcast recording booth for this episode.

February 18, 2021

Episode 18: Toxic Environments

NOTE: This episode mentions sexual harassment in the workplace.

In episode 18, hosts Beki and Olivia, are joined by guest Karen to talk all about toxic work and school environments. Karen shares her knowledge of what can contribute to toxic environments, from gossiping to cultures of fear to limited communication. You’ll hear tips to recognize when we’re in a toxic environment and strategies we can use to support ourselves. 

Click here for the list of resources mentioned in the podcast episode.

Want to know more about Karen? Karen is an educator and wellness practitioner who has devoted her career to helping people thrive by promoting mental health, healthy relationships and building healthy and safe spaces for all beings. You can find her at and on Instagram at @the_sage_sunflower

What Really Works? would like to thank Staples Studio for kindly donating the use of their podcast recording booth for this episode.

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